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When most people imagine a vehicle that’s ‘fun to drive’, they envision something low, swoopy, with two doors and just two seats. Sadly, for most of us a vehicle like this just isn’t practical for daily use. We need something that seats four (or more) with plenty of space for all our stuff, and won’t… Read more »

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Spring cleaning! These words give us mixed feelings, don’t they? Spring is here, but winter has left our homes dirty and our cars even more so. Let’s get the cleaning out of the way first, so we can enjoy the warm weather and not worry about our chores. We have some tips for you to get… Read more »

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Quick, name three parts of your vehicle’s safety system. Chances are you chose something like ‘seat-belts’, ‘airbags’, and maybe ‘traction control’. But how many of you said ‘windshield’? (Be honest now!) If you didn’t, don’t feel bad. Like most drivers you probably think of your windshield as just a piece of curved glass designed to… Read more »

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First, it was your travel gear in the trunk. Then, your spouse’s everyday accessories in the glove compartment. Fair enough. But now you’ve got a car seat and a baby in the back and your older child is also somewhere back there behind a wall of grocery bags. As your family grows and your car’s cargo space fills up… Read more »

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If your fix is precise handling, and your thrill is dumping the clutch and revving high, then the 2016 Ford Focus ST is what you need. This Ford Focus four-door hatch gets bigtime powertrain and suspension upgrades over the standard variants, and you’ll feel the power of the 2.0-L four-cylinder engine pumping out 252 horsepower. You’ll also… Read more »

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Now that spring is on its way, most people think of preparing their vehicles for summer. Swapping out their winter tires, taking out the winter floor mats, waxing and polishing the body, but what about your suspension? Winter can be especially hard on your vehicle’s suspension: potholes can affect alignment, the cold can crack bushings,… Read more »

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In a consumer-orientated market like Canada, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a good set of winter tires. While more choice is always good, picking between the multitudes of different tires can be a little overwhelming. That’s why here at the Driving Change Automotive Group we’ve compiled our list of what… Read more »

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It’s smarter and more user-friendly, and it’s new for 2016 models. Ford Sync 3 infotainment connects you with your Ford in exciting new ways. You Command Your Ford The Ford Sync 3 infotainment system has been streamlined to give you the most intuitive control over your Ford, letting you control various functions like your navigational… Read more »

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Every year, thousands of people across Western Canada trade in their old cars, trucks, and SUVs in for newer vehicles. And considering you’re reading this post, you’re probably intent on trading in your current vehicle at your local dealership. One of the advantages of trading your car through a dealership is that it lets you skip… Read more »

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Thanks to advances in tire technology, tire blowouts are a thankfully rare experience. Nevertheless, “not likely to happen” is not the same thing as “can’t happen”. Therefore, it’s important to know how to how to keep control your vehicle should the worst occur and one of more of your tires experiences a sudden blowout. #5… Read more »