How to Set Up and Use the FordPass App

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You’ve probably heard the term or phrase “there’s an app for that.” Made popular by Apple in 2009, if you’ve owned a smartphone in the last 6 years, you know that this phrase is becoming more and more true every day. Well Ford got in on the action and developed FordPass. This free app is… Read more »

Premium Fuel vs. Regular Fuel – Which One is Best?

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One of the most heated debates in all of the automotive realm is the difference between “regular” gas and “premium” fuel. Well wonder no more! Driving Change Automotive Group is here to end this debate. We’ll be breaking down the difference between premium and regular gas, and which one will work best for your vehicle…. Read more »

The Fast and the Family Orientated – 7 Fun Family Vehicles

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When most people imagine a vehicle that’s ‘fun to drive’, they envision something low, swoopy, with two doors and just two seats. Sadly, for most of us a vehicle like this just isn’t practical for daily use. We need something that seats four (or more) with plenty of space for all our stuff, and won’t… Read more »

6 Reasons to Inspect Your Suspension this Spring

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Now that spring is on its way, most people think of preparing their vehicles for summer. Swapping out their winter tires, taking out the winter floor mats, waxing and polishing the body, but what about your suspension? Winter can be especially hard on your vehicle’s suspension: potholes can affect alignment, the cold can crack bushings,… Read more »

Aluminum Repairs: The Inside Scoop

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Ford made a quantum leap when they redesigned their stalwart F-150 pickup for 2015, shedding the heavy old-school steel body panels for lightweight aluminum. The upside was greatly reduced weight (up to 700 pounds!) and increased economy and performance. However, aluminum is much trickier to repair than conventional steel. High-end brands like Audi, Porsche, and… Read more »

Strong as Aluminum: Understanding the Radical New Ford F-150 Body Frame

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For 48 consecutive years, the Ford F-150 has been Canada’s best-selling truck. The contest hasn’t even been close. In fact, betting that the streak will reach 49 straight years would be considered a venture so safe that even the most risk averse broker would take it. With no disrespect to our hard working sales associates,… Read more »

What’s an EcoBoost Engine?

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When you hear the term “EcoBoost” it’s most often referring to an F150; however, this turbocharged engine is available for 13 Ford models. The Ford EcoBoost family includes the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer, F150, Transit Connect, Transit (new for 2015 Mustang, and Expedition). Currently, only the Cmax and F-Series Superduty are… Read more »