Taking a Look Inside The River City Collision Centre

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For a couple years now, you probably have seen us building something just down the street. Well after after many setbacks and delays, the River City Collision Centre is finally open! Our architect did a fantastic job building a facility that not only looks amazing, but is packed with state of the art equipment that will… Read more »

The Fast and the Family Orientated – 7 Fun Family Vehicles

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When most people imagine a vehicle that’s ‘fun to drive’, they envision something low, swoopy, with two doors and just two seats. Sadly, for most of us a vehicle like this just isn’t practical for daily use. We need something that seats four (or more) with plenty of space for all our stuff, and won’t… Read more »

Dump the Clutch with the Focus ST

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If your fix is precise handling, and your thrill is dumping the clutch and revving high, then the 2016 Ford Focus ST is what you need. This Ford Focus four-door hatch gets bigtime powertrain and suspension upgrades over the standard variants, and you’ll feel the power of the 2.0-L four-cylinder engine pumping out 252 horsepower. You’ll also… Read more »

Best of the Best: DCAG’s Top 5 Best Winter Tires

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In a consumer-orientated market like Canada, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a good set of winter tires. While more choice is always good, picking between the multitudes of different tires can be a little overwhelming. That’s why here at the Driving Change Automotive Group we’ve compiled our list of what… Read more »

Studded Tires: Winter Driving Superstars?

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You might have heard that when it comes to exceptional safety and performance on wintry roads, nothing beats a studded tire. This was definitely true when the first winter tires hit the market, but since then, tire technology has gotten so advanced that many experts believe that studless winter tires actually perform better than studded. You… Read more »

The Ford 2016 Fiesta & 2015 Focus: A Driving Change Review

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If you’re on the market for an economical car or hatchback, chances are you’ve at least heard of the Ford Fiesta or Focus. Both of these cars have historically been known for their affordable purchase prices and fuel economy, but you might be wondering if the latest models are up to snuff. Well, wonder no longer…. Read more »