Premium Fuel vs. Regular Fuel – Which One is Best?

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One of the most heated debates in all of the automotive realm is the difference between “regular” gas and “premium” fuel. Well wonder no more! Driving Change Automotive Group is here to end this debate. We’ll be breaking down the difference between premium and regular gas, and which one will work best for your vehicle…. Read more »

Top 10 Safety Tech and Driver Assists – How Ford Keeps You Safer

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For drivers considering purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV, safety has always been at the forefront of their considerations. The ability to survive an accident, or avoid it altogether, is something all drivers expect from modern vehicles. That’s why Ford is at the forefront of automotive safety equipment – to ensure their vehicles offer… Read more »

Explore Manitoba and Saskatchewan With These 4 Incredible Road Trips

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Now that the weather is turning for the better and summer is just around the corner, our thoughts have turned to road trips and exploring these great provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. That’s why we’ve complied out four favourite road trips for you to experience this summer! So now that you’ve gotten your vehicle ready,… Read more »

The Fast and the Family Orientated – 7 Fun Family Vehicles

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When most people imagine a vehicle that’s ‘fun to drive’, they envision something low, swoopy, with two doors and just two seats. Sadly, for most of us a vehicle like this just isn’t practical for daily use. We need something that seats four (or more) with plenty of space for all our stuff, and won’t… Read more »

Keep Things Clear by Fixing Your Windshield’s Chips and Cracks

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Quick, name three parts of your vehicle’s safety system. Chances are you chose something like ‘seat-belts’, ‘airbags’, and maybe ‘traction control’. But how many of you said ‘windshield’? (Be honest now!) If you didn’t, don’t feel bad. Like most drivers you probably think of your windshield as just a piece of curved glass designed to… Read more »

6 Reasons to Inspect Your Suspension this Spring

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Now that spring is on its way, most people think of preparing their vehicles for summer. Swapping out their winter tires, taking out the winter floor mats, waxing and polishing the body, but what about your suspension? Winter can be especially hard on your vehicle’s suspension: potholes can affect alignment, the cold can crack bushings,… Read more »

Top 5 Trade-In Tips!

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Every year, thousands of people across Western Canada trade in their old cars, trucks, and SUVs in for newer vehicles. And considering you’re reading this post, you’re probably intent on trading in your current vehicle at your local dealership. One of the advantages of trading your car through a dealership is that it lets you skip… Read more »

Keeping a Clean Car this Winter

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Know that winter feeling when you’ve recently pulled out of the carwash and your car is sparkly clean–but then 15 minutes later, it’s all dirty again? We all know that feeling, don’t we? Keeping your car clean and corrosion-free during the winter is a real pain, but DCAG has some pro tips to ease the suffering… Read more »