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For a couple years now, you probably have seen us building something just down the street. Well after after many setbacks and delays, the River City Collision Centre is finally open! Our architect did a fantastic job building a facility that not only looks amazing, but is packed with state of the art equipment that will benefit both us and yourself! Here are 5 things that we think you’ll love that will save you both time and money, all while providing the same top-notch service we pride ourselves on.

1. More room for your vehicle
The most notable difference is that the new Collision Centre is a lot bigger than our old one. In fact, it has almost double the square footage as our previous body shop. More space equals more staff to work on more vehicles, so you’re vehicle will be fixed faster so you can get back on the road. We also have a dedicated parts storage room upstairs. So when your vehicle gets appraised, we can order the parts and store them so when it’s ready to get fixed, we’re not sitting on our hands waiting for them to come in.

2. Revamped the Detail Department
Our old detail department was very makeshift. It wasn’t included in the original building, so we had to make due. Now, detail has their own dedicated area, so our expert detailers can make your vehicle look brand new. Need a quick clean? Stop by and choose between different packages we offer! They’re front and centre, so you can watch our detailers clean every nook in your vehicle. Everything is brand new and organized, so you’ll get the same quality clean in a shorter time.

3. Brand new paint booths
Our old paint booths were outdated and kept breaking down, so we invested in brand new ones! These things are top of the line and are completely digital, giving us the same consistent quality job every time. Just looking at our painters faces asking what they like about the new booths really show how awesome these things are. When an expert gets excited about something, you know it’s good.

4. Centralized vacs in all our bays
No one likes working in a messy workplace. Working in a body shop though, it’s not exactly the cleanest place to work. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to keep our workplace tidy and clean. One big problem we had was the dust from sanding down vehicles and from the medal being taken off vehicles. That’s why we put in central vac systems in all of our bays. These hook up to our tools, and suck up any dust or residue made by our tools. This will save time when we are cleaning, so we have more time to work on your vehicle.

5. Everyone is welcome!
There’s a reason why we didn’t name this the River City FORD Collision Centre. This is because we will help you with almost every make and model. So if the bumper on your Civic or your door on your Tahoe need fixing, we can help out with that. Plus, we take walk-ins! So if your vehicles needs to be fixed last second, or you’re looking for a clean before a road trip, come on in and see us!

That’s what we think you will love! What about yourself? Anything you would like to know about our new Collision Centre? Let us know! Until then, watch more of our handy videos on Facebook.


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