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This post is part of our “10 Questions” series, where we help you get to know our amazing staff a little better and find out they’re (fairly) normal people.

IMG_4428Lookin’ good Dougy!

1) What’s your name and what do you do here at River City Ford
My name is Doug Thompson. I do parts shipping and receiving and a lot of the warranty stuff for the parts department.

2) What’s your favourite concert that you’ve been to?
Wow, that’s already a tough one. I’m gonna have to say about 6 years ago, my buddy and I went on a whim to San Fransisco to this music festival. We were there for 3 days. Favourite act I saw there was probably Arcade Fire. I’ve never seen them in the city. I’ve seen them in San Fran but never in Winnipeg.

3) What’s your dream car? Make, model, colour?
I love the new [Nissan] GTRs, they’re so slick. Even though they’ve had the same body for like 8 years. And white. My car’s white I love the colour. Either that or a the new Tesla Model Es. Those things are nice. And obviously white.

4) Where’s the best place to grab a pizza in Winnipeg?
Vera’s Pizzeria on South Osborne. It’s good, Neapolitan, hand-tossed dough. Very simple, you won’t get a meat lover’s pizza per say, but you’ll get more specialty pizza so to speak. It’s so good, the dough is what makes it.

5) What’s the most pain you’ve ever felt in your life?
I had a hernia in high school, and a couple weeks after surgery, I was walking to my bus and I slipped. Ripped open the scar and I had to go back in and have it stiched up again. And that was bad because it was just hours upon hours of excruciating pain in an area that’s already very sensitive.

6) Who inspires you?
I’d probably say my grandpas. Whether it be just hanging out at my grandpas house in the city or on my grandpa’s farm up north in the summer just riding quads, being outdoors. I’ve learned a lot from them. Two totally different people but, I’d my grandpas.

7) Tell me a story about a scar you have.
Well you can’t really see it anymore. But I used to have a huge scar on my forearm here. I was probably 15, and I’m good friends with one of our techs Jordan, and he had to little mini bikes, and I thought it would be a great idea to do something dumb while riding, and I ended up losing control, wiped out on the gravel and completely tore up my arm, wide open.


8) Have you ever watched a documentary that changed your point-of-view on something?
Can I just group the whole BBC Planet Earth series? Those totally got me more into nature. It’s expanded my mind, that sort of thing. I find myself just Googling stuff like penguins or whales or volcanos or caves. It really got me into that sort of thing.
What’s the guy’s name again?
David Attenborough

9) If you could switch bodies with anyone in the world, who would it be?
I’ll go with Seth Rogan. I find all of his stuff hilarious.
I feel like he would have a lot of fun.
People say I used to kinda look like him because of the beard. I find his sense of humour hilarious. I know a lot of people don’t, I think he would be a fun guy to be around. His whole crew would be fun to hang out with.

10) What are 3 words that describe yourself?
Oh god. Beard, beer, and relaxation. Actually lets make it 4. And vinyl.


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