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Your red-nosed free shuttle service.

How do you use your product and your service to help the community?

That’s a question all companies seem to struggle with. We wish we could shell out money to every charity in Winnipeg, but our resources are limited and choosing which ones to support is a constant argument.

With it being the Christmas season, people will be more inclined to partake in a beverage or two. But no matter how many lives are lost, it seems that people still feel it’s ok to drive after a couple drinks.

That’s why Operation Red Nose is such an amazing program. What they do is come to wherever you are, pick you and your vehicle up and drop you off at home with your vehicle in your driveway. Better yet, there are no fees for this service, they only accept donations. All donations are made to the Manta Swim Club to cut costs of fees and to help expenses for travelling.

Over 70 people donated their night to make sure those celebrating got home safe. Our group got there around 8:30 and went all the way until 4 a.m. We gave our awesome volunteers our shuttle vehicles so that they wouldn’t have to use their own vehicles or gas to help out. With both our teams, we accepted $475 worth of donations!

This is an awesome organization that makes it easier for people to have fun this holiday season. IF you call them, please think, how much would a cab cost in this situation. Also remember that your car is home safe, so try to tip generously.

If you would like to volunteer, click here! If you’d like to use their service, call 947-6672!

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