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Sometimes you lose track of what’s important, and it becomes very noticeable around the holiday season. People are so wrapped up in buying the perfect gift or making the day perfect for everyone that they forget that the holidays are about being with your family and friends.

Some people really struggle during the holidays. Things may have happened during the year which makes in hard for families to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones. And the money they use to buy those gifts could be going towards things more important.

That’s why we decided to provide something that some people may overlook. For a weeks period, if you simply commented what you wanted for Christmas, you were eligible for a free set of wiper blades. No questions, no surprises, just comment and you got a free set of wipers. It was our way to say thank you to our city, and to provide something that some may overlook as non-important. But this was just the first part of a little plan we had…

In just about a week, we had almost 200 comments from people telling us what they wished Santa would put under their tree. The answers ranged from world peace, to a new truck, to spending time with family. World peace would be too expensive, but there were some answers that we thought we could help fulfill.

We sat down, did our research and found 3 people who we believe deserved a great Christmas gift that we could feasibly do and afford. The first person we decided on was Lindsay. She told us that she’s been working really hard at school. And rightfully so, since she’s studying to become a lawyer. She said that she  wanted a little down time to hit up Thermea Spa. So we went online and got her a gift certificate for 2 so she could take someone to enjoy the day. Sometimes a student just needs a break.

Mom’s also need a break as well. Heather is a mother who is expecting another child. To make sure her kid’s Christmas was the best it could be, her and her husband decided not to get each other gifts. She had also referred her friends to our dealership a couple times, so we decided to repay the favour. She asked for a stand mixer to help with her Christmas baking. So we jetted over to Canadian Tire and got her one. Having one of these stand mixers, I know how much easier it makes baking, so seeing the look on her face when she opened it really made us happy with our decision.

And finally there was Kelly. Kelly commented on our video a day or two after it went live asking for a new set of winter tires. A couple minutes later, her daughter commented that she wanted winter tires so that she could give them to her mom. We pulled a couple strings, made a few phone calls and got the right tires for her vehicle with rims, so she wouldn’t have to worry about changing the tires over every year. We told her she had won a free detail package, but she had no idea she would be rolling away with a new set of tires.

Seeing the faces of these 3 ladies really humbled us and brought us down to Earth. These are customers of ours that just needed a break, or a mixer, or tires, to make their holiday season a little more enjoyable.


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