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Everyone dreads it, but the official start of winter doesn’t happen until the first real snowfall comes down. You can tell that it’s winter if a) the snow on the ground lasts longer then 2 days and b) terrible drivers seem to come out and find their way into the ditch.

Accidents do happen. Black ice, wildlife and terrible conditions aren’t out the ordinary on Manitoba roads. And if I’ve learnt anything in life, things tend to happen to people who say it never happens to them.

While no one wants to end up in a ditch on their way to Thompson where there’s no cell service, sometimes it happens. That’s why it’s always safe to pack a winter survival kit. In the above video, Riley shows you what’s in his survival kit. All the things are pretty common in any household (old backpack, change of clothes, etc.) and only takes 5 minutes to put together. That 5 minutes of preparing can go a long way when you’re stuck waiting for hours in -35 degree weather.

It’s also a good idea to keep a Roadside Assistance Kit handy for those quick fixes when you’re on the road. In fact, Ford created their Roadside Assistance Kit for just that reason. It comes with dozens of tools that could help you in a given situation. The video above shows you everything that this little kit packs! Of course, you could also make your own, and it carries lots of things that can be bought at a local store or found at home.

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