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On Thursday, December 15, Carman Ford grabbed some people and went down to the Carman Community Centre to help out with the Christmas Cheer Board.

Every year, hundreds of families rely on the Christmas Cheer Board to help them out during the holiday season. This year, over 130 hampers were delivered in the Carman area, and over 220 people volunteered their time to sort, pack and deliver them.

4 Carman Ford staff hopped into two 2017 F-150s and drove 30 minutes away to St. Claude to deliver 9 hampers. Many volunteers didn’t have access to a vehicle that could drive that far with that much wait, so Carman Ford stepped up and made sure that those people wouldn’t miss out.

As a small town dealership, we have a small town mentality, and we care about our community. It’s small in the grand scheme of things, but the look on someone’s face when you deliver a hamper to their home was all the thanks we needed.

Special thanks to Joey McElroy in our Sales department for organizing this entire afternoon.

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