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Let’s face it, no one actually enjoys Christmas shopping. The malls are too crowded, you spend too much money, little kids are crying, it’s just an awful time. Don’t you wish you could just do all of your shopping while you run your usual errands; getting groceries, picking up your kids at school, getting your oil changed(!)?

While you may need a jug of washer fluid, why not pick up a neon clock for your boyfriend’s garage? How about a hat for the father-in-law who you never know what to get? Maybe you get your teenage daughter a free detail? There are tons of things at River City you can get your loved ones while your vehicle is getting maintenance done.

Here are 10 things that you can pick up from our parts department that our readily available:

1) Ford Hats: Lots of different sizes and styles. From fitted to Velcro, there are lots of options for that person to look good in the sun (when it comes back…).

2) Remote Start: Getting into a cold car is never fun. A remote start is something everyone who doesn’t have one wishes they had.

3) Detail Package: Every family has that one person who’s car looks like a hurricane went through it. Get their car clean without them having to anything, a passive-agressive reminder for them to keep it clean.

4) Snap Tite Model Cars: Get your loved one their dream car!…well, at least a miniature model of it. Perfect for kids, and for those who still wish they were kids!

5) Coffee Mugs: Make someone’s mug stand out from the rest at work. Also keeps your coffee warm longer. So no more heating in the microwave.

6) Floor Mat Coasters: If they’re good enough for a Mustang, then they’re enough for your table. Coasters can be boring, make yours something others wish they had!

7) Buck Pocket Knife: Sharp, durable and super sleek, these pocket knifes are perfect for the outdoorsman in the family.

8) Neon Clock: Add that extra something to the man cave. These things look great in the basement and in the garage!

9) Hitch Cover: Add a little extra value to your vehicle. We have a selection of stylish covers that will catch anyone’s eye!

10) WeatherTek Floormats: Cloth mats stain and get smelly. Just take these out, give them a quick wash and your car looks magically cleaner!

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