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The Winnipeg winters are notorious for being cold, harsh, and unforgiving. Just as I’m writing this post, the weather can’t decide if it wants to rain, snow, or dump Slush Puppy slush on us. All these weather conditions are…liveable. But driving through it is a whole new ball game.

Cars without all wheel drive tend to dance around like ballerinas. Every Manitoban has seen a car do a triple spin or a double axle at one point.

While black ice and terrible drivers (which seems to be EVERYBODY else other then yourself, and only come out on the first snowfall) make it sometimes impossible to avoid the ditch, there are some things you can do to make it through the winter.

The easiest solution for us would be to give yourself extra time and drive carefully. But we all already do that right…?

The second (and not so obvious solution for some) would be to invest in winter tires. Asking some customers around the dealership, they believe their all-season tires are fine for Winnipeg roads. Talk to anyone that has made the switch to winter tires, and you’ll get the exact opposite answer.

If you haven’t already, watch the above video. We took 2 identical Focus’, one with winter tires and one with all-season tires, and drove them on a solid sheet of ice. This is the absolute extreme, but you can really see how much of a difference winter tires make on slippery conditions.

Obviously you won’t be driving on pure ice on the roads. But imagine being at a stop sign, going a bit too fast and having to brake a bit too late. The tires can be the difference between stopping and crashing. You also save on gas by not spinning your tires constantly when you accelerate.

The straight-up price for winter tires can be steep. But considering the price of your deductible, the other person’s deductible and the extra points on your license, the investment could eventually pay for itself 10x over in one winter. You can also consider financing your winter tires through MPI. If you want to learn more about this program, click here.

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