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This post is part of our “10 Questions” series, where we help you get to know our amazing staff a little better and find out they’re (fairly) normal people.


1. Where did you grow up?

Kindersley Saskatchewan. I lived there until I took off to college . From there I moved to Toronto and then here to Regina!

2. What was your first job?

It was at a car dealership washing cars.

3. What is the best concert you have ever been to?

I think it would have to be Harry Connick Jr. We saw him play in Detroit and we were front row which was amazing. I think it was actually on Ford’s 100th birthday, so that would have been back in 2003.









4. What was your very first vehicle?

My Dad and I bought and restored a 1956 Ford F100. It was baby blue when we got it and we had planned on painting it candy apple red but we ended up getting rid of it before then.

5. Why did you choose this career?

I think this career chose me. I was lucky enough to work for my Dad when I was younger at his dealership and when I was 13 I had already decided that one day I was going to own a dealership as well.

6. What was your favourite childhood cartoon?

The Road Runner and Wile E Coyote.









7. What do you do for fun?

I like to push myself and get my heart racing. Things like speed and being out on the boat.

I actually just learned to surf behind the boat this summer.

8. What is your favourite pizza place/pizza.

It’s a place called Fox Tail Cafe at Clear Lake. My favourite pizza there is called the “204”. It’s a wood fired pizza with potato, bacon, and dill.

9. Roughly how many text messages do you receive in a day?

Actually my text messages aren’t too bad! I probably get 8-10 a day depending on my kids. But my emails, I probably get around 200-250 a day.

10. What is your favourite part about working here?

I think it’s all the interactions with all of the different team members. The fun we have and the business challenges that arise.

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