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This post is part of our “10 Questions” series, where we help you get to know our amazing staff a little better and find out they’re (fairly) normal people.


Kirsten is one of our awesome saleswomen at River City Ford. We sat her down and asked her the hard-hitting questions. We tried to stop her from smiling, but it didn’t work.

1) Explain your job to someone who hasn’t visited River City Ford.
My goal is to get you in the perfect car that not only fits your wants, but also fits your needs.

2) Where do you live here in Winnipeg and why is Winnipeg a great place to be?
I live right in the Westwood area, just a block away from River City Ford. This area and this city are very friendly, and I’ve never really left this area because it’s just so inviting.

3) What is your favourite soda flavour?
Barq’s Root Beer, and only Barq’s.
How about an adult beverage? Wine, beer…?
Haha all of the above.

4) You get handed the AUX Cord on a road trip with your girlfriends. Which 3 songs are you playing first?
Well you got to start it off with Spice Girls if there’s 4 girls.
Specifcally which song?
Definitely “Stop.” I’m also a big country fan so Shania Twain’s “Any Mine of Mine.” Windows down, crank that one up. And also “Black Betty” by Ram Jam. I think I hit all 3 categories. I’m all over the place.

5) If you could go on a cross-country road trip with anyone, alive or not, who would it be?
I think my dad. He just has a lot of knowledge that he could pass on to me. We could go on lots of…crazy adventures. We would just have a lot of fun.

6) Where did your current boyfriend take you on your first date?
The Palimino Club. The classic Pal. He took me on a Saturday, not a Monday haha.

7) What would you do if you entered a talent contest?
I just learned how to juggle, so I would probably do that. Not swords, just rubber balls.

8) Where was your first job?
It was actually just down the street from here at the Sturgeon Creek Retirement Residence. I served lunch and dinner. All my jobs have been in this area.

9) Pick one place in Winnipeg to go out and eat.
Mongo’s. I like the challenge of making the bowl as large as possible. I take the chicken and build a wall.

10) What can you promise to someone if they came into River City Ford and talked to you?
I won’t quit until your completely satisfied. Buying a new vehicle is a big decision, and I not want to help make your choice a good decision, but the right one. Also, I can promise we will have a lot of fun doing that as well.

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