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This post is part of our “10 Questions” series, where we help you get to know our amazing staff a little better and find out they’re (fairly) normal people.


Shannon’s been on the job for less than a week. How does it feel to start at River City Ford? What would her debut album be called? We ask Shannon the hard-hitting questions.

1. For someone who’s never been to River City Ford, what do you do?

I’m an admin assistant, and I’m taking on accounts receivable. Which means I handle the money coming into the company. It’s a little important

2. How does it feel being the new person here?

Well I’m not the newest person here. There’s about 2 other people that started after me, which takes the pressure off. But everyone’s super welcoming and willing to help out. A lot of smiling faces which is really nice.

3. If you were stranded on a remote island, which 2 things would you bring with you?

I would probably bring a jumbo box of matches. And probably the box set of Harry Potter books, cause I could read them over and over again. And I mean I could use the paper as kindling.

4. What was your most ridiculous Halloween costume?

I’ve had multiple funny ones. I guess I dressed up as a grandma one year. I had a wig and everything.

5. If you were to record a CD, what genre would it be?

I think maybe a folk-rock type genre. Indie, but not super indie or folky. Upbeat stuff that’s catchy.

6. If you were given $500,000 to start a business, what would it be?

These are some serious questions that I’m not prepared for. I guess eventually I want to be a lawyer so if I had that money, maybe I would start a law firm…even though I have no legal training, but maybe in 10 years? Maybe call it Birchard & Partners.

7. If someone were making “Shannon Birchard: The Movie” who would star as Shannon Birchard?

I don’t know. Ummmm…

I’m getting a little Mila Kunis vibe from you.

Ok yeah I like her. I also really like Jennifer Lawrence. She’s really funny and pretty normal. Everyone likes J-Law.


“Will she meet her deadline? Mila Kunis stars as Shannon Birchard”

8. Where would you rather live: Beach, City or Country

Beach. Just cause I like to be close to water. Country if I were near a big city. I can deal with being out in the boonies, but I don’t know if I could deal with living out there.

9. What was the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?

I’ve never really been given a bad gift, but my friend had these two great-aunts and every year they would give her a very strange gift. One year she got a toilet paper cover. Have you ever seen those Barbies and she’s got a knit dress? They cover the roll and that’s what she got.






Worst. Gift. Ever.

10. How has your first week been at RCF?

It’s been really good. Lot’s of stuff to do which is nice. Enjoying learning how everything works here and getting to know everyone. So far it’s been great!


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