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For drivers considering purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV, safety has always been at the forefront of their considerations. The ability to survive an accident, or avoid it altogether, is something all drivers expect from modern vehicles. That’s why Ford is at the forefront of automotive safety equipment – to ensure their vehicles offer their drivers the latest in safety technology.

In order to celebrate Ford’s accomplishments, Driving Change Automotive Group is listing the 10 best new safety and driver assist technologies that Ford currently offers! While you may never need to rely on this tech, you can drive with confidence knowing it has your back.

#10 – Adaptive Cruise Control

We all know that sickening feeling when you’re driving on the highway and the vehicle ahead suddenly hits the brakes. Thankfully Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar to automatically maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead, greatly reducing the chances of causing a rear-end accident.

#9 – Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support

Using radar technology just like the Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning detects if your vehicle is at risk of impacting the vehicle in front, and sounds an audible chime to alert you. Additionally, the Brake Support component automatically pre-charges the brakes for maximum effectiveness if you need to slam on them to avoid an accident.

#8 – Lane Keeping Assist

Let’s face it – nobody’s perfect. That’s why Ford has introduced Lane Keeping Assist to ensure you maintain your lane and reduce the chances of a collision. If your Ford begins to cross a traffic line without signaling, your steering wheel will vibrate to alert you of the danger. The available Lane Keeping Aid can even torque the wheel back in the proper direction – providing an added level of protection.

#7 – Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert

Like an extra pair of eyes, Ford’s Blind Spot Information System uses radar to detect if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. By illuminating an indicator in your side mirrors, you can remain better informed of what’s happening around you. The addition of Cross Traffic Alert means if you’re reversing out of a tight space, radar can detect approaching vehicles and sound a warning chime to alert you of the danger.

#6 – Active Park Assist

Parallel parking is one of the more difficult maneuvers to perform during everyday driving. That’s why Ford has introduced Active Park Assist to make parking a breeze. Ultrasonic sensors detects when there’s enough room for your vehicle, then at the push of a button your Ford can automatically park itself!

#5 – Rear-View Camera

A standard feature on every new Ford product, a rear-view camera may seem a bit old hat at this point – but it’s an essential feature that makes reversing a snap. This high-resolution camera lets you see what’s directly behind you, greatly reducing the chances of backing into an obstacle. This feature can also help with tasks like hitching a trailer or reversing into a tight parking space.

#4 – Curve Control

This innovative new technology takes the standard stability control and takes it to the next level. By monitoring steering angle, vehicle speed, and traction control to ensure you remain in control. The system monitors how quickly you’re taking a corner and automatically applies the brakes should you be travelling too fast.

#3 – Hill Start Assist

When starting on a hill, rolling backwards can be a big concern (especially given traffic’s propensity to tailgate). That’s where Ford’s Hill Start Assist comes in. When the vehicle detects it’s on a grade, it automatically applies the rear brakes to prevent the car from rolling back. While nice on automatic vehicles, this feature truly comes into its own on manual-equipped Ford’s like the Focus ST.

#2 – Advanced Front Lighting

A combination of advanced technologies makes travelling at night safer and more secure than ever before. Steerable headlights mean you can now see around corners, giving you more time to react to obstacles. Automatic High Beam Control is also available, which dips your high beams when it detects oncoming traffic so as to avoid blinding other drivers.

#1 – Active City Stop

Given how easily collisions can occur in stop-and-go traffic, it makes sense that Ford would offer Active City Stop to help keep you safe. Using forward-looking radar sensors, your Ford can detect if you’re approaching an obstacle too quickly and automatically apply the brakes should no driver input be taken. This system can also prevent pedestrian collisions as the radar sensors can detect people as easily as cars.


That was our list of the 10 best safety and driving assist technologies Ford currently offers. What did you think? Does your current vehicle have any of these technologies?


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