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Owners (and future owners) of the 2016 Ford F-150 can tow a trailer with total reassurance thanks to Ford’s new Pro Trailer Backup Assist for the 2016 Ford F-150. Backing up and parking your trailer should be worry-free, and now it is. Read on to find out why!

The Problem

Have you ever worried about parking in your driveway with the trailer hitched? Afraid you’ll back up right through the garage door? Well, that’s why Ford has come up with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist–for truck owners wanting to tow with complete confidence.

Backing up a trailer can be tricky, to say the least. Just try explaining to your spouse or friends that they have to turn the truck’s front wheels in the opposite direction of where they want the trailer to go. And if you turn too hard, the trailer could jackknife. Even with a spotter, backing up a trailer is a pain–and a pain for your neck too.

Ever tried parallel-parking with a trailer? You’ll want to after using the Pro Trailer Backup Assist. It’s so easy to use…

Pro Trailer Backup Assist Knob

A Simple Solution…

The Pro Trailer Backup Assist is so easy to operate that both you and your spouse will be able to back up without a problem. Segment-first technology lets you steer the trailer instinctively from your F-150’s dashboard by turning a single knob left or right to indicate the direction you want. Your truck controls its own steering and speed.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Think your spouse could handle it? We do. It’s quick and it’s smart, and it lets you spend less time and trouble taking care of the details, and more time for everything else. Want a visual description of how it works? Check it out here and see the Pro Trailer Backup Assist in-action for yourself, or if you’d like to see a demonstration, here it is:

…And Complex Technology

Think all this sounds too simple? It’s not. Here’s exactly how the Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology works:

  • You can focus on where you want the trailer to go, not where you have to drive to take it there
  • Simply turn a knob to let the system know how much it should turn the trailer
  • Advanced camera and trailer-tracking tech determine precisely where your trailer is in coordination with your truck’s back end
  • The Pro Trailer Backup Assist automatically steers the truck to turn the trailer
  • The system can change the vehicle’s speed for different road surfaces

The result? Less worry, fewer maneuvering mistakes, and less time wasted backing up. Ford has tested this technology for over a decade, and holds at least five patents for the tech, with 10 more pending. Pro Trailer Backup Assist joins a suite of driver-assist technologies available for the 2016 F-150, and Driving Change is your destination for all of it.

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