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Now that the weather is turning for the better and summer is just around the corner, our thoughts have turned to road trips and exploring these great provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. That’s why we’ve complied out four favourite road trips for you to experience this summer! So now that you’ve gotten your vehicle ready, it’s time to get out there and explore!

#1 – Saskatoon to Prince Albert National Park

Begin your journey heading north on Hwy 11, then turn east on 312 towards Rosthern. Cross the picturesque Gabriel Bridge with its beautiful green iron frame, and northwards on 225 towards Batoche (where Louis Riel met his end in the 1885 Battle of Batoche). If you have time to spare, take the free ferry trip from St. Laurent-Grandin to the frontier town of Duck Lake to take in some of Saskatchewan’s history.

The Prince Albert National Park is a picturesque locale

Continue heading north on 225 until you reach the 782. Heading east leads you to the French town of St. Isidore-de-Bellevue that serves some of the best poutine in all of Saskatchewan, while heading north on 782 takes you to the quiet village of Saint Louis which takes its name from the nearby river. Once you’ve had your fill of the scenery, head north up Hwy 2 to Prince Albert and the nearby park. Turning west on 263 will lead you directly into the park, where you can enjoy more incredible scenery and some camping before heading back home.

#2 – Regina to Saskatoon to Moose Jaw

Chances are most Saskatchewanians have made this trip several times in their lives, but this road trip can be very worthwhile if you know where to stop. Begin in Regina and take in one of the many festivals that take place in the capital. Then head northwest to the waterfront town of Regina Beach to take in the scenery (or take a dip in Last Mountain Lake if you’re brave). Once you’re done swimming, continue north to Saskatoon to take in more culture as you enjoy the Folkfest or Jazz Festival (amongst others).

Saskatchewan can be exceptionally beautiful

Once you’ve stayed the night in one of Saskatoon’s many cossetting hotels, head back south towards Moose Jaw. If you’ve got the time, consider adjusting your course westwards towards Diefenbaker Lake and the Douglas National Park to enjoy some of the best scenery in Saskatchewan. Finally, finish in Moose Jaw and take in a variety of museums, galleries, walking paths, and golf courses for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to visit Mac the Moose while you’re there!

#3 – Brandon to Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Your road trip begins in Brandon, MB where you can enjoy a variety of museums like the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum or the Daly House Museum. Head southeast and enjoy the rich farmland and open sky around you, or stop for a round of golf at the Glen Lea Golf Course or the Shilo Country Club.

Spruce Wood Provincial Park is perfect for hiking

Once in Spruce Woods Provincial Park you can enjoy a plethora of activities, including hiking, camping, or even horseback riding! The park is truly a sight to behold, with its usual combination of shifting sand dunes, spruce trees, and spring-fed ponds. Make sure you don’t miss the view from Steels Ferry Outlook!

#4 – Riding Mountain National Park to Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Few other provinces allow you the privilege of seeing two amazing parks in just one day. Start in Riding Mountain National Park which is an unexpected oasis of wilderness surrounded by farmland. The park offers a wide variety of camping and hiking, and boasts a surprising array of wildlife – including deer, elk, bear, and bobcat. With over 3000km² of nature to explore, it’s best to budget at least a couple day to take it all in.

Take the time to enjoy the outdoors

Once you’re ready to move on, head northwest to Duck Mountain Provincial Park. In addition to the hiking and campgrounds you’d expect in a park, a huge variety of lakes allows for fishing, boating, and swimming to keep you entertained. There’s even golfing and tennis courts if you’d prefer some light sporting activities.


So those were our choices of a few amazing road trips you should take this summer! Where is your ideal road trip getaway? Let us know in the comments below!


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