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First, it was your travel gear in the trunk. Then, your spouse’s everyday accessories in the glove compartment. Fair enough. But now you’ve got a car seat and a baby in the back and your older child is also somewhere back there behind a wall of grocery bags.

As your family grows and your car’s cargo space fills up with all their stuff, you might wonder whether there are options for expanding your cargo space. Well, there are, and DCAG is here to help you figure out a solution!

Put them on the Roof

No, we don’t mean the children. Put them in the back seat and instead of cramming all your stuff in there with them, put your stuff on the roof. DCAG dealers sell roof racks and rails we can install for you along with rooftop carriers and boxes for all your cargo!

This is a great way to go, and these carriers are aerodynamic too, so you won’t have to worry much about added fuel consumption. You gain additional options with roof racks too; all of a sudden road trips and winter ski getaways seem that much more realistic. You’re thinking about them right now, aren’t you?

Car with the roof rack with cargo box

Hook up a Trailer

If you’ve got a ton of stuff and a vehicle with the size and power to pull this off, a trailer is the ultimate solution, no matter what your cargo is. Turn your vehicle into a workshop and then double its usefulness and utility as a shed.

Behind the Bumper

It’s true that roof boxes can add aerodynamic drag and thus increase fuel consumption, so perhaps the better option for you is to add your cargo to the back of the vehicle instead where it rides for free in the vehicle’s slipstream. All you need is a trailer hitch and then you can add a bike rack, cargo baskets, or huge locking boxes for travel gear.

This too adds the kind of function you get from a rooftop carrier and turns your small sedan into a freeway- and roadtrip-worthy vehicle.

Female Cyclist Taking Mountain Bike From Rack On Car

Under the Seats

Under-seat storage is another great idea. Things are going to end up under there anyways, right? Back-seat storage bins are perfect for storing things like tools and equipment, and they allow for easy access for the kids, so they can store all their stuff like their entertainment systems and the like.

Optimize what You Already Have

Sometimes the issue is with cargo cluttering up the trunk; your child’s sports equipment is thrown all over the place and one day, you find a mouth guard in your golf bag. The solution? A trunk organizer. Organize and optimize everything, keeping it where it belongs.

And now that you’re buying more groceries for your bigger family, a trunk organizer becomes an even better idea because they’ll keep all the grocery bags from spilling out everywhere.

If you own an SUV, cargo bars and nets might be the best options. If you own a truck, tonneau covers and cargo gates are awesome options to cover or separate your cargo.

Regardless of what you choose to do, there certainly are a lot of options for increasing that cargo space, and if you’ve got some great ideas, feel free to share them with us!

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