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Spring cleaning! These words give us mixed feelings, don’t they? Spring is here, but winter has left our homes dirty and our cars even more so.

Let’s get the cleaning out of the way first, so we can enjoy the warm weather and not worry about our chores. We have some tips for you to get your vehicle ready for the spring and make your spring cleaning a breeze!

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Wash Outside…

There really isn’t anything more important than this. Sand and salt like to accumulate on your car and its paint, causing corrosion to its protective clear coat finish and eating into the bare metal on the undercarriage, suspension, brakes, and more.

So get your car washed thoroughly and professionally. And your car might also enjoy a good wax, no? A nice finishing touch to make your car shine on the road.

And in

You’ve likely accumulated a lot of dirt on your floor mats and carpets too, and the rest of your car’s interior is probably also a mess. A freshly washed car cabin has that springtime-fresh feel and smell you haven’t had for a while now, have you?

The air in the wintertime tends to be dirtier, especially with vehicles kicking up dirt all the time on the road, and your vehicle recycles this air, dispersing it throughout the interior of your car. Get it cleaned along with your air filters so you’re not breathing in any dirt particles.

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Don’t Forget the Tires

Winter tires are meant for the winter only, and leaving them on too long can wear them out. Every winter, once the temperature levels out, change out your winter tires. If you kept your summer or all-season tires on this last winter, then at least consider getting them realigned at our Service department.

And remember your tire pressure too! Road conditions and the cold have definitely affected your tire pressure this past winter, so it’s a good idea to make up for this and fix your tire pressure.


Regardless of which tires you drove with this last winter, you should get your tires realigned anyways this spring because rough road conditions during the winter and potholes can throw off your alignment and balancing. It’s smart to keep in mind that good wheel alignment is critical in keeping your tires free of wear, so we recommend letting us help you with both.

Get Your Brakes Checked

While you’re getting your tires and balancing done, you could also have us take a look at your brakes. They tend to take much more of a beating during the wintertime, what with you trying to avoid potholes and collisions with other drivers!

All we need to do is check your brake pads to make sure they’re not worn down. Simple as that, and then you’re good to go!

brake disk and detail of the wheel hub - black and white filter effect

Check the Fluids

Consider the temperature changes throughout the winter–from below freezing point to at operating temperature–and then consider this change in temperature is perfect for moisture to form, corrode internal parts, and contaminate your oil.

Changing out your oil is a good idea this time of year, and again, that’s a simple stop-in-and-out deal at your local DCAG dealership!

Check the Battery

This is another simple little thing you can do after a tough winter for your engine. When your engine is working harder, it draws more from the reserves in your battery. Have your battery tested this spring to make sure it’s still working optimally and that it will be fine for next winter!

Have any other suggestions for getting your car ready for the springtime? Let us know if we’ve missed anything! And take our advice; get your spring cleaning done first and enjoy your spring worry-free!

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