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It’s smarter and more user-friendly, and it’s new for 2016 models. Ford Sync 3 infotainment connects you with your Ford in exciting new ways.

You Command Your Ford

The Ford Sync 3 infotainment system has been streamlined to give you the most intuitive control over your Ford, letting you control various functions like your navigational and entertainment systems via a digital interface and voice commands.

The Sync system has been a pioneer in automotive engineering voice command technology, and today it’s poised to give other brands’ infotainment systems a real run for their money in terms of utility and ease of use.

Ford has made great use of a three-window view with the Sync 3, giving each window a specific purpose: the large left window displays navigation, the upper-right window is the audio interface, and the lower-right window contains your phone controls. A convenient tool tray running along the bottom gives you quick access to additional functions like climate control.

Push a button and voice-control your music and phone calls.

Convenience, Connectivity

You’ll appreciate that the interface on the new Sync 3 is user-friendly and super-intuitive. Commands are executed quickly, as if your Ford was just waiting enthusiastically for you to tell it what to do. The interface is easily accessible, letting you swipe and pinch like you do with your smartphone. We’re sure you’ll find the swiping feature particularly useful, letting you scroll through your contacts lists with ease.

Your smartphone can connect to Sync 3 to give you intuitive control over dozens of your apps via its interface. Music sharing for all your favourite tunes, and location sharing are easily accessed, and you control it on the touchscreen instead of fumbling with your phone as you drive.

This new Sync system is powered by the most modern BlackBerry software. Just like Apple did, Blackberry has found an amazing niche, and now their software is the new industry standard for vehicle infotainment systems.

New hardware. New software. New features.

It’s Here, Now

Ford’s new Sync 3 is currently available in dozens of models, including Ford Escapes and Ford Fiestas, and Ford is also including it in all currently compatible 2016 models, like the new Ford F-150 series. By the end of this year, all new Fords and Lincolns will have the new Sync 3 tech, retiring older infotainment systems like the MyFord Touch.

You tech enthusiasts out there will appreciate that the new Sync 3 represents a huge improvement in automotive infotainment interfaces. And for everyone else, this truly is a powerful way to interface with your vehicle, offering a level of connectedness and convenience never before seen in a Ford.

Driving Change Automotive Group’s dealerships are proud to carry 2016’s Ford lineup with the new Sync 3 infotainment system, and we welcome you to come over and give it a try for yourself; it’s probably the most fun you’ll have during your test drive!

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