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As we’ve previously discussed here on the Driving Change Automotive Group blog, your tires are one of the most important parts of your car, truck, or SUV. It’s therefore natural that you’d want to keep your tires out of harm’s way. So to protect your tires from being stolen, slashed, or otherwise manhandled, here are our top five tips to protect your tires from harm!

Store Your Tires in a Sheltered Area

The easiest solution is often the best – so keep your tires (and your vehicle!) safe by storing it in a locked garage or another area inaccessible to the general public. Thieves and vandals are like predators – they prefer easy prey. By keeping your pride-and-joy safely secured in a locked garage or behind a tall fence you can dissuade all but the most determined of malcontents.

Store your tires in a locked garage for the best security.

Wheel Locking Kits

Wheels are held onto your vehicle using lug nuts which must first be removed if someone wishes to take your wheels off your vehicle. These lug nuts can be quickly taken off using fairly standard tools, thus putting your tires at risk. However, investing in a set of locking lug nuts is a wise idea. These nuts require a special tool to be removed, thus making it much more difficult for thieves to take off with your vehicle’s wheels and tires.

Lug nuts are an inexpensive method of protecting your tires.

Motion-Sensing Lights

Night is typically when miscreants like to perform their misdeeds, so fight back with motion sensing lights! This inexpensive option is available from your local hardware store and requires very little setup. Many of these lights are solar or battery powered, so you there’s no need to call an electrician. Plus the sudden blinding glare of a LED or halogen light is more than enough to deter most ne’er-do-well’s.

Security lights are another options to prevent theft and vandalism

Faux Security Cameras

While real security camera are much more effective, they are also far more expensive. Faux security cameras can be bought at your local hardware store at a fraction of the cost, and still work as an excellent deterrent. The best picks are the solar or battery powered options with an illuminated “recording” light, which are more authentic and are better at driving off potential thieves and vandals.

Faux security cameras are another great security option

Contact the Authorities

If tire theft or slashing is a recurring problem in your neighbourhood, contact your local police department using their non-emergency line. The vast majority of departments will be sympathetic to your situation and would be happy to increase patrols in your area, helping to deter or catch the lawbreakers responsible.

Contact the authorities if vandalism or theft is a continuous problem

Ultimately keeping your wheels and tires (not to mention your vehicle) safe is a matter of prevention. If you or a neighbour has their tires stolen, slashed, or otherwise tampered with, protect your property with these simple tips!


What did you think of our tire protection tips? Do you have tips or tricks of your own? Please leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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