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Another Canadian winter is almost upon us, and Driving Change Automotive Group wants you to be prepared! We had a nice summer, and your winter driving skills are probably a bit rusty. It’s not quite as easy to remember as riding a bike, is it? Well, we’ve got your back with these reminders.

What are the Must-dos for the Winter?

  • Tires –
    * Snow tires. Nothing beats ’em. Best thing you can do for your car in the winter.
    * All-seasons are good in areas with light snowfall, but only that.
    * Chains will help a lot in severe weather.
    * Check your tire pressure too!
  • Brakes – Let us check them for you! After we do, black ice won’t seem so scary.
  • Electrical –
    * Check your battery to make sure it still has its charge.
    * Check your ignition! You never want to be stranded in the cold.
  • Winter driving kit – Prepare yourself for any situation!

What is Good and Bad Winter Driving?

  • Bad winter driving happens when drivers don’t get into their car knowing what to expect on the road in the first place. So they’re only reactive to on-road situations. It’s okay to assume the best out there on the road, but you’ve got to be prepared for the worst too.
  • Good winter driving is when drivers anticipate dangerous scenarios. They’re proactive, always keeping an eye out for a pedestrian who might not be paying enough attention or watching for slick, slippery streets ahead.

What do I do if I Start to Skid?

Remember the big difference here is trying to be proactive. If you start to skid, keep calm and remember:

  • Keep your eyes on where you want to go and steer in that direction.
  • Don’t slam on the brakes! Brake slowly and with controlled pressure. Squeeze the brakes and declutch (with a manual shift) or shift to neutral (with automatic transmission).

What if I get Stuck in the Snow?

  • Stay in the car if you can’t shovel yourself out of the snow. Keep the car running and stay warm!
  • Turn on your hazard lights!
  • Call a tow truck if no one else is around to help. Your cell phone is your best friend this winter.

See? You’re feeling better already. Stay safe and smart this winter and share this post with your family!

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