What You can do to Extend the Life of Your Tires (Safety and Maintenance)

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Your tires keep you on the road, but only if you keep your tires road-ready. Routine tire maintenance is more important than you might think, and you’ll likely save money not having to replace them as often as you might currently be. You’ll be safer on the road, and one of these winters you might… Read more »

Return to Winter Driving

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Another Canadian winter is almost upon us, and Driving Change Automotive Group wants you to be prepared! We had a nice summer, and your winter driving skills are probably a bit rusty. It’s not quite as easy to remember as riding a bike, is it? Well, we’ve got your back with these┬áreminders. What are the… Read more »

Aluminum Repairs: The Inside Scoop

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Ford made a quantum leap when they redesigned their stalwart F-150 pickup for 2015, shedding the heavy old-school steel body panels for lightweight aluminum. The upside was greatly reduced weight (up to 700 pounds!) and increased economy and performance. However, aluminum is much trickier to repair than conventional steel. High-end brands like Audi, Porsche, and… Read more »

Spending Your Remembrance Day Right

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Remembrance Day is coming up soon. With November 11 on its way, we here at Driving Change Automotive Group want to wish you a reflective Remembrance Day, the day we remember our fallen soldiers and pay tribute to our veterans. It’s a day of showing gratitude and paying our respects, best spent in the company… Read more »