Studded Tires: Winter Driving Superstars?

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You might have heard that when it comes to exceptional safety and performance on wintry roads, nothing beats a studded tire. This was definitely true when the first winter tires hit the market, but since then, tire technology has gotten so advanced that many experts believe that studless winter tires actually perform better than studded. You… Read more »

Winter Maintenance: 6 Tips to Prep Your Car for the Cold

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  If you live in Canada and you drive a vehicle of any sort, you’re no doubt aware of most or all of the treacherous driving conditions you face during our long Canadian winters: black ice, heavy snow, blizzards, whiteouts, freezing rain, frost… The list goes on and on. The winter is inevitable, but stressful, dangerous drives… Read more »

The Ford 2016 Fiesta & 2015 Focus: A Driving Change Review

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If you’re on the market for an economical car or hatchback, chances are you’ve at least heard of the Ford Fiesta or Focus. Both of these cars have historically been known for their affordable purchase prices and fuel economy, but you might be wondering if the latest models are up to snuff. Well, wonder no longer…. Read more »