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Sleeping toddler in back seat

Are we there yet?

In the past, we’ve shared advice about how to get your vehicle ready for a road trip.

We’ve discussed what to look for in your walk-around inspection and what to include in your emergency road kit.

But what about those other nagging issues: your kids?

With the summer road trip season starting right away, we think it’s the perfect time to show you how Ford can add sanity to your sedan.


Find the Right Tools for the Job

Let’s face it, sometimes you want a bit of peace and quiet. No matter whether you are navigating unfamiliar roads in a new city at the tail end of a 9-hour drive, or if you’re just trying to survive rush hour on the way to school—calm kids make for calm minds.

Ford vehicles are already designed to optimize backseat comfort. With strong safety ratings, noise-cancelling insulation, easy-to-clean seats, and a comfortable suspension that makes for smooth riding

A colouring book or a smartphone with Angry Birds may be enough for most occasions, but we thought we’d share 3 great accessories available through the Parts Centre of your local Ford dealership that can make your most valuable cargo peaceful and pacified.

Soft-Sided Cooler Bag w/ Adjustable Carrying Strap

Every parent knows that the recipe for a cranky kid is hot and hungry. This on-the-go cooler is perfect for packing juice boxes, fruit, veggies, and even sugary treats.

  • Insulate warm dishes or keep cold ones cool
  • Collapsible, lightweight & easy to clean
  • 14″ x 13″ x 10 3/4″
  • Designed to fit behind the rear seat, or in the Ford Large Soft-Sided Cargo Organizer
soft fabric cooler bag

DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System by Nextbase

A chatty kid is one who is in need of a distraction. For long trips where you need a little peace of mind, pop in a DVD to the Ford Rear Seat Entertainment System by Nextbase.

These bright, 7-inch LED screens are easy to install (and just as fast to uninstall). Just clip them to the bars of your headrest and press Play. Best of all, if your kids can’t decide on what to watch, get a second screen!

  • Automotive quality, which doesn’t skip when you hit a bump
  • Remote control
  • Cigarette lighter power outlet adapter
  • Available rechargeable battery
  • Includes fabric carrier case to store DVD player & accessories
Ford-DVD-dual-player Ford-DVD-Player-and-accessories

Wireless Headphones

Want to take the sound of silence once step further? Then send your kids into a cocoon of sound while your own headache melts away.

The Nextbase Wireless Headphones work in sync with up to two Rear Seat DVD Systems at once, allowing you to choose your preferred channel.

  • Uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Automatically shuts off after 2 minutes when no signal is received
  • Adjustable, emitting full-bodied theatrical sound
  • Soft leather headband
Wireless headphones

School’s out for the Summer… But We’re Not!

That’s just a taste of what is available at any of our Ford Parts Centres. If you want to learn more about what else we’ve got in stock, check out one of our Parts Departments.

Are you wondering how to file an insurance claim if your vehicle gets damaged? Be sure to check back next Monday when we discuss that very topic!

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