3 Great Ford Accessories to Get Your Kids to Pipe Down

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Are we there yet? In the past, we’ve shared advice about how to get your vehicle ready for a road trip. We’ve discussed what to look for in your walk-around inspection and what to include in your emergency road kit. But what about those other nagging issues: your kids? With the summer road trip season… Read more »

Hail Today, Gone Tomorrow: How Paintless Dent Removal Works

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Earlier this month, thunderstorms rolled across large swaths of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, dumping hailstones as large as golf balls onto crops, homes, and yes—cars. These dramatic weather patterns shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; locals know that they can count on at least one nasty hailstorm to strike sometime from May to August. But… Read more »

Used Car Buyer’s Guide: #10 The Difference Between Car Enthusiasts and Everyone Else

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Back again for another heaping spoonful of used-car-buying medicine? You already seem much better, but like what any doctor will tell you—you must finish your prescription. Now, most auto industry blogs would be tempted to round out their article series at an even and unimaginative 10 posts; but the Driving Change Automotive Group isn’t just another… Read more »