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Ford MyKey is found on over 6 million vehicles now on our roads.  Yet it is still one of the least used features by Ford owners.

The MyKey system is an easily programmable feature that allows owners to program various safety settings into their key.  It was originally developed as a way to give new teenage drivers the freedom they crave, while still giving mom and dad some peace of mind.  While the MyKey system cannot make someone a better driver, it can help keep drivers (both young and old) focused and limit distractions. 

MyKey includes several options

Persistent Belt Minder – it chimes and mutes the radio to remind you to buckle up. A message is also displayed “buckle up to unmute audio”

Volume Control – limits the audio system to 44% of maximum output

Speed Alert Chime – sounds at 75, 100 and 110 km/h to help remind drivers to slow down.  Can also set a top limit of 130 km/h

“Do Not Disturb” – blocks and sends direct to voicemail incoming calls and texts on phones paired with the SYNC system while driving.

Fuel Distance Reminder – in addition to the typical warnings displayed at 40 km and 90 km to empty you can set an additional reminder at 120km.  Might not be a bad idea for a lot of drivers.

MyKey is just another technological advancement that Ford offers on most of its vehicles to help keep both you and your family safe on the road. 

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