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SmartPhonesBy Justin Reves, Marketing Manager

Car Starters and technology are starting to get together and reproduce some incredible offspring. If you have a smart phone, you should definitely consider making a Smart Start your next car starter. It’s a car starter that is connected to the internet and allows you to communicate with the car via your smart phone.

So what’s the benefit?

You will never have to worry about range again – 5,000 feet is a joke. You can now start your car from over 131 MILLION feet away (half the distance around the earth – if we put space into the equation, it could be endless) – provided you have cell coverage or a internet connection. No more wondering if your remote will reach all the way to your car parked a mile from work.

But wait, there’s more. A lot more.

Ever have your spouse call you frantically because they locked their keys in their car? Well if they are on their phone, they can simply launch the app and unlock their car from their phone. Oh, they locked their phone in the car, too, and are calling from a payphone? No problem. You can launch the app on your phone when you’re in another city on business and unlock it from there.

Oh, your crazy ex-girlfriend kept the key to your car and randomly steals it and hides it around the city?

Perfect. You need the Smart Start GPS. It tells you where the car is at all times right from your phone. It can even alert you when the car ends up somewhere. You told your daughter to stay away from her boyfriend’s house. You’ll get a nice little message when she gets close. It also comes in quite handy if you don’t remember where you parked.

Are you the kind of person that gets up 30 seconds before you head out the door and your car is never started because you don’t have the time?

Smart Start can be scheduled to start the car 10 minutes before you go to work. Oh, but you only want it to start if it’s below -18 degrees? Can do. It’s temperature aware.

It’s a very, very cool system.

If you’re in the market for a new or newer car starter, check it out. I had it put in my car last year and I really like having it.

It’s an add-on to an existing system so it does cost a bit more and there is a small subscription fee for the year, but it’s great to have.

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