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By Justin Reves, Marketing Manager

Remember the feeling you had when you turned 16 and got your license? It was such a freeing experience. Driving was one of the coolest things you could possibly do and it was so exciting. What happened to that feeling?

It’s amazing that over the years driving turns from an amazing privilege and becomes a boring chore. We no longer GET to drive – we HAVE to drive.

That’s a sad proposition to us. Driving is supposed to be fun. I embarked on a day-trip with the Saskatchewanderer to try and help people re-discover their love for driving.

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Leave early. Nothing adds stress to driving like being late. Everyone is suddenly driving too slow or doing stupid things because you’re in a rush.

2. Good music. There’s something about cranking some music you really love that breathes some fresh love into driving.

3. Snacks. Driving, especially on road trips, NEEDS to be paired with great snacks and fluids. Makes the journey much more enjoyable.

4. Be spontaneous. Go a different way, make a stop at a place you’ve never been before, or drive just for something to do. Driving gives you freedom to go places you wouldn’t normally go. Use that freedom.

5. Have fun driving. Give you car the beans every once in a while. No need to break the law or be dangerous, but there’s something fun about moving quickly and hearing an engine working. Even better: spend some time at a track ripping around in Go Karts like we did in the video.

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