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Saskatchewanderer Vehicle

By Justin Reves, Marketing Manager

Ok, ok, I realize that lots of our readers are in Manitoba and you may not know what a Saskatchewanderer is or who Bennett Dunlop Ford is. Let’s bring you up to speed.

The Saskatchewanderer has a pretty cool summer job – they’re paid to travel the province, find cool, non-stereotypical things to do and see in Saskatchewan, and tell the world about them through blogs, video, and social media.

Bennett Dunlop Ford is our dealership in Regina, SK that sponsors the Saskatchewanderer by providing vehicles for them to drive over the summer to help explore.

The first vehicle that Caitlin, this year’s Saskatchewanderer, is starting with is a 2013 Escape Titanium. It’s loaded to the gills.

As I was checking it out with her and going over the technology in the vehicle, it had a couple of great features that I didn’t even realize it would have. It’s stuff you’d expect in vehicles costing over $100k.

BLIS – Blind Spot Information System

Ok, this has a couple of cool features. The main purpose of this system is that there are sensors on the vehicle monitoring any time a vehicle comes into your blind spot and lights up your mirror if that’s the case. I’ve personally driven vehicles with this and it’s saved my butt a couple of times.

With this system comes a couple other features that I didn’t know about. Let’s propose a couple of scenarios.

Have you ever been trying to cross a busy street but there’s a ton of vehicles parked too close to your intersection so you can’t see around to know if vehicles are coming? At some point you just have to go and hope there’s no one coming.

Have you ever been backing out of a parking spot where you can’t see if there’s any vehicles coming the other way and going to take your trunk off?

The BLIS system uses the sensors on the front and the back of the vehicle to do the peeking around the corner for you. If there’s a vehicle coming in either of those cases, you likely can’t see them from where you are, but the front or the back of the vehicle can. It beeps at you to let you know.

It also has a different beep for pedestrians which is cool.

Maybe you’ve never had this happen, but sometimes you get focused on vehicles as opposed to people. You’ve confirmed that there’s no vehicles coming only to almost smoke the pedestrian that is running across the street to make the light. The system also monitors that and lets you know if there’s a pedestrian coming in front or behind you.

That’s cool stuff!

Active Park Assist

This is also known by us normal people as stress-free parallel parking. Hit the button and the vehicle starts searching for spaces where it will fit. When it finds one, it lets you know and takes over guiding you. Here’s how it works.

When it finds a space, it tells you to keep pulling forward to the appropriate spot.

When you’ve done that, simply slide the vehicle into reverse, take your hands off the wheel and just ride the brake.

It’s bizarre to see and feels scary to not be in control, but it guides you in perfectly.

The best part of the system is that it knows exactly where every corner of the vehicle is. It can fit in some spots you’d never think possible.

These technologies aren’t just in the Escape, either. They’re coming to more and more Ford vehicles. It’s some neat stuff.

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