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By Justin Reves, Marketing Manager

When I say, “Playing Music With Your Mouth”, I don’t mean making kazoo sounds with your lips. I’m talking about using voice commands to play specific artists, albums, songs, or playlists stored on your iPod, USB stick, or other music-player that you connected to a SYNC-equipped system.

Whatever this device is, in order to give it voice commands, it needs to be connected to the USB (square) port in the vehicle rather than the round, headphone-like jack.

When you have your device connected to the vehicle, SYNC is going to scan the device and pull out all the names of the artists, albums, songs, and playlists on the device so you can access them all using voice commands rather than having to look away from the road. It’s also very quick to do.

Once you have your device plugged in, you can use the following commands. Just note that if you are currently listening to the radio or a CD, you will first need to say “USB” to switch to your iPod/USB device before you can give it commands. Let’s break it down: 

*Hit the voice command button* (wait for prompt)

Say, “USB” (wait for prompt) (again, only necessary the first time so it switches to the USB device)

Now you can use the following commands:

Say, “Play Artist Michael Jackson” and it will play all songs by Michael Jackson.

Say, “Play Album Thriller”. It will  play that album.

Say, “Play Track Billie Jean”. It will play that song.

Say, “Play Playlist 80’s Magic”. It will will play the playlist you have on your device that you named “80’s Magic”.

Say, “Play Genre Rock”. It will now play all music that is of the Rock genre.

Say, “Similar Music”. It’s now grabbed other songs from the same genre and started playing them.

Say, “Shuffle On” and it will start shuffling songs.

All that being said, keep in mind the other post about How To Speak to SYNC which is HERE when you’re saying these things. Many of them have really weird pronunciations so you have to say them in simple phonetic English. If you’re curious how SYNC would pronounce an artist or song that is playing, say “What’s This?” and it will read that back to you the way it would pronounce it. You can now use that pronunciation the next time to access it directly.

Does that make sense? Any other questions or comments? Leave them in a comment below and we’ll respond!

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