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By Justin Reves, Marketing Manager

Are you finding that SYNC has trouble understanding you? Give it the Don Cherry treatment.


For those of you that are not familiar with our beloved Hockey Night in Canada host, he has an apparent inability to pronounce anything but simple English words. He especially struggles with last names.

When 95% of Canadians see the name Patrick Roy, our heads read Patrick Wah. Not Don Cherry. He reads it as it’s spelt.

And he would be an excellent SYNC user.

You see, SYNC is a computer with basic, English linguistics skills. It’s been programmed to read and pronounce things with our basic English rules. Unfortunately, English rules are made to be broken. Plus, we have such an influence of so many other cultures (I’m looking at you, Ukrainians) that especially our last names read nothing like normal English would pronounce them. Think about Hawryluk. I have no idea how to properly pronounce that. I’m guessing it’s something like “Har-luk”, but if I just read it in simple English “Haw-ry-luk”, SYNC will get it. 

As time goes along, I’m sure SYNC will get better and better at picking out odd names and words, but if you speak to it as something would read in simple English, it will understand.

You can also learn how SYNC pronounces things by listening to her saying names. If your phone is connected say “Call” then just let some gibberish fly from your mouth. She should come back and say “Did you mean…” and then start listing some names. Listen to the way she pronounces them. If you pronounce them back to her the same way, it’ll work.

Another great way is with music. Bands have some really weird names that don’t make sense. Pull up a song on your iPod and start playing it through SYNC. Now, hit your voice command button and ask “What’s playing?”. SYNC will give you the name of the artist, album, and song the way she would pronounce it. Use that pronunciation the next time you’re trying to access that song, artist, or album and it will work much better.

Give that a shot and leave a comment below with your tips and tricks or if you have any questions.

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